Basic 2.16 collection
Basic 2.16
Evolution Led collection
Evolution Led

Basic 2.16

The new edition of the catalog with the ring, where we removed items and colors outmoded and obsolete.
The catalog is divided into:

Evolution Led

Our EVOLUTION collection has arrived at its 4” edition!
We proceed with the way started in 2011 in stilistic choice and we add items specially designed and built for the most modern energy-saving lighting source, LED.
We have chosen to use integrated LED systems to grant more safety and reliability.

We maintain fluorescent energy saving lighting sources as for G5_2G11_2GX13 and have added DALI technology that permits to dim light intensity in a pratical way.
The material is always and only methacrylate* that can be defined without dubt “acrylic glass”.

Our lamps are above all ‘dresses’ for the lighting-source so the decorative character of this collection is predominant.

*Methacrylate: acrylic material of amazing features in bringtness and trasparency and of a tested safety in the lighting. The methacrylate does not have problems for high temperatures (decomp. temp. 250°C - ignition temp. 635°C), it is light and creash-proof.