Basic 2.16 collection
Basic 2.16
Evolution Led collection
Evolution Led

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Lighting and furnishing accessories are designed to create emotions in your spaces.
A mix of creativity and experience has created the BASIC 2.16 and EVOLUTION LED collections.
Through continuous evolution in the use of plastic materials and the experimentation of new technologies and processes in plexiglass processing, we can transform our selection of purely functional objects to design works.

Basic 2.16

The new edition of the catalog with the ring. The catalog includes all of our historical articles and the new creations.
The catalog is divided into: suspensions, ceiling lights, ceiling lights, floor-standing.

Evolution Led

At its 4th edition, the EVOLUTION collection continues with the stylistic choice begun in 2011 and adds specially designed articles for the most modern energy-saving light source, the LED.
Integrated LED modules allow you to combine design with security and reliability features.

We keep the fluorescence, especially for the attacks G5 _ 2G11 _ 2GX13 and we have inserted the DALI technology that allows the dimming of light in a practical way.
The raw material is always the methacrylate * which can definitely be defined as "acrylic glass".

Methacrylate: versatile and durable acrylic material with amazing brightness and transparency combines these features with safety in lighting; Methacrylate has a high tolerance of heat (decomposition temperature 250 ° C - ignition temperature 635 ° C).