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Create an outfi t around the light source!
Our craftsman-designer manage to realize it by shaping with virtuosity a long ‘remnant’ of methacrylate sheet!
So our favorite G5-80W fl uorescent tube is wrapped by an elegant diffuser of such an important presence and its light intensity can be adjusted by the button in the pedal switch.
Design and functionality for a fl oor lamp suitable for any environment and for so many occasions: it will light up the dinners with friends and pamper you with soft light in the evenings on the couch!

White methacrylate 6 mm. thickness with underbase in PVC high
density foam board 19 mm. thickness.

Opaline mono-satin 3 mm. thickness methacrylate
Fixing parts in transparent plastic

Round fep/pvc transparent cable 400 cms. long
Switch of transparent plastic with dimmer button